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Fire Safety

Fire safety is an important concern for Federal Business Centers, and it should be for our Customers, as well.  Fires can lead to injury or death, as well as damaged merchandise, lost records, and ruined equipment.  Everyone must take fire safety seriously!





A majority of Federal Business Centers’ buildings in Raritan Center® have fire sprinkler systems.  They are required by Township codes to be inspected annually.  Each year in April, Federal Business Centers arranges for an inspection of the fire sprinkler systems in all of its buildings, which involves exercising the equipment and inspecting it visually.  Upon completion, we receive a written inspection report for each system.  We will provide each Customer with a copy of the report to keep at their premises, as it may be requested during a visit from the Township fire inspector.  We will also provide copies of the reports to the appropriate Township fire inspector. 


Customers must maintain a sufficient temperature within their premises in the winter months to keep the fire sprinkler system’s pipes from freezing.  If the pipes freeze, they could break, resulting in water damage that could be devastating to the premises and the personal property located within.  We recommend a minimum temperature of 55 degrees for office and warehouse spaces. 


It is also important for Customers to instruct their forklift drivers and other material handlers to be extremely careful when moving product near the sprinkler heads.  A broken sprinkler head will immediately cause water to pour out. 


If you see any water leaking from a sprinkler head, a pipe, or a riser, please contact our Customer Service Hotline at 732-225-3777 immediately.  While some water leaks may be minor and not a cause for concern, we, nevertheless, need to check all water leaks as quickly as possible so we can schedule it for a repair, if warranted. 


Last, but not least, Customers should regularly check to make sure that exits (pathways and doors) are not blocked, and nothing is stored in front of the fire system risers.





Customers are responsible to provide an adequate amount of fire extinguishers at their premises, for both office and warehouse spaces.  The amount and type of extinguishers needed depends on the size of the premises and the Customer’s use of its premises.  Customers should contact a fire extinguisher company to receive advice on purchasing the correct number and type of extinguishers.  Once installed, they must be inspected and serviced annually.  Please refer to our Recommended Companies list for fire extinguisher companies or feel free to use a reputable company of your choosing.  

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