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Alterations / Permits / Contractors / Barrier-Free





Customers must obtain Federal Business Centers’ advance written consent for any:


  • Alterations,

  • Installations,

  • Attachments,

  • Additions,

  • Deletions,

  • Changes, or

  • Improvements (collectively, “Alterations”)


that they wish to make at their premises, including, without limitation, the installation of:


  • Storage racks,

  • Telecommunication wiring,

  • Security equipment,

  • Satellite dish or antenna equipment,

  • Dock equipment,

  • Generators,

  • Battery chargers,

  • Additional electrical outlets or task lighting, and

  • New interior walls in office or warehouse areas (or the removal of same).


Customers should contact their Customer Service Representative or our Customer Service Hotline at 732-225-3777 for assistance in obtaining Federal Business Centers’ advance written consent to any Alteration.


We are confident that Customers will find this requirement to be of great assistance to them with their Alterations and not a hindrance, as Federal Business Centers is extremely knowledgeable of all of its buildings as well as the governmental permits that may be required to proceed.





Edison and Woodbridge Township Building Departments will monetarily fine Customers, without warning, if a Building Inspector finds that a Customer has made (or is making) Alterations without the proper permits.  They inspect every premises prior to a Customer taking occupancy, so they know firsthand what the premises should look like on a subsequent visit.


It is important that Customers secure permits, regardless of how small or seemingly inconsequential the Alteration may seem.



The permit process, depending on the extent of the Alteration, can take several weeks for application preparation and Township review.  This multi-week time requirement must be factored into Customers’ schedule planning.  The application may also require signed and sealed architectural prints, which is an added time and cost consideration.





In effecting any Alterations, Customers must use either: (a) licensed and insured contractor(s) selected from our Recommended Companies List or (b) licensed and insured contractor(s) selected by the Customer with Federal Business Centers’ advance written consent, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned, or delayed.


Furthermore, with respect to Alterations to premises located in Edison Township only, please note that the Township of Edison requires that all contractors have an “Edison Township Contractors License” in order to legally work within the township.  To obtain the license, contractors must complete an application, provide proof of liability insurance coverage, and pay a fee.  Once obtained, the license must be renewed yearly by providing proof of insurance and paying the fee.





Pursuant to N.J.A.C. 5:23-6.6 and N.J.A.C. 5:23-6.7, twenty percent (20%) of the cost of an Alteration project must be spent on improving accessibility to the premises.  There are certain exemptions and deductions allowed.  Federal Business Centers can assist in identifying what barrier-free deficiencies exist and make recommendations for compliance.

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