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By Vittoria Calello

September 2019

     The cast of characters who occupy the many roles of American Pool changes from season to season. People move on to different roles or different occupations, while new people constantly walk in through the door. What’s permanent, however, is the quote on the wall and the atmosphere of home that exists. When a lifeguard walks in the door and sits on the couch, they will see American Pool’s pledge, painted prominently for all to read and believe in. “We treat our lifeguards with respect and enthusiasm, instilling a genuine sense of belonging to our team. Our lifeguards are the face of our company, their good work will be recognized and their concerns will be met with care.”

          The American Pool New Jersey office is a far cry from the standard desk and cubicle setup. Touches of comfort can be spotted throughout the office in the many couches and coffee machines, in the Edison bulbs hanging above the staffing desk to ward off headaches otherwise caused by the dreaded fluorescent lights, in the television playing reruns of The Office and New Girl, in the table carved and created by President Brian Bergeski himself. To work at American Pool for a summer is to find a home. To come back the next year is to be greeted with heartfelt hugs and statements of saudade.

     The love and care demonstrated by Brian Bergeski towards his staff is similarly reflected in his running of the Central New Jersey branch of the largest commercial swimming pool management, maintenance, and construction company in the United States. From its headquarters in Raritan Center, Brian’s branch staffs, maintains, repairs, renovates, and constructs pools for hundreds of commercial customers. With those five core abilities, American Pool proves itself to be a full-service company, staffing and maintaining any size pool during the summer, and repairing, renovating, and constructing new pools during the off-season.

          Despite its constantly growing size and capabilities, the bottom line for Brian and American Pool is never money; it’s the people. While that quote, painted indelibly on the wall, only mentions lifeguards, the spirit of the statement extends to all employees, whose safety, well-being, and happiness are prioritized high above any dollar sign.  Visit their websites, and for more information.

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