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Emergency Preparedness



The purpose of an Emergency Action Plan is to facilitate and organize employer and employee actions during workplace emergencies.  The elements of the plan should include, but not be limited to:


  • Evacuation procedures and emergency escape route assignments;

  • Procedures to be followed by employees who will remain and assist with the evacuation;

  • Procedures to account for all employees after the evacuation;

  • Means of reporting a fire or other emergency; and

  • Names and job titles of employees that will be responsible for conducting accountability.


The following is a sample Emergency Action Plan that can be modified for your use:


  • Dial 911 and advise the dispatcher of the type of emergency you have and its exact location.

  • If there is a fire and the fire is small, an employee may attempt to extinguish it through the use of a portable fire extinguisher located at the premises.

  • DO NOT attempt to extinguish a fire if you have any doubt concerning your ability to do so.

  • All persons in the premises are to exit the building in a calm and efficient manner, following the egress plan for the premises (which should be posted near the office exit door).  Use of portable compressed air horns is an acceptable manner to notify building occupants of the need to evacuate. 

  • Once all persons have exited the building, they should meet at the assigned meeting point.  The meeting point should be located outside and away from the building.

  • The “Accountability Officer” (you may need several depending on the size of the premises and the number of employees) ensures that all persons have evacuated the premises.  After evacuating, the Accountability Officer will go to the meeting point and take roll call.  The responding fire official or police officer will request the information from the roll call.

  • All employees should be aware of guests and anyone with a disability within the premises and assist them in exiting.

  • Do not return to the premises until you have been told that it is safe to re-enter.


Steps Customers should take:


  • Call your Customer Service Representative or our Customer Service Hotline at 732-225-3777 to obtain a copy of your floor plan in order to mark it up with an emergency evacuation plan.  Share it with all employees, and post it near all exit doors. 

  • Decide on a meeting point outside of the building and make sure everyone is aware of its location.

  • Make sure your fire extinguishers are inspected and up to date.  Conduct periodic training for employees on their use.

  • Practice your evacuation plan, including exiting the premises and gathering at your designated meeting point.

  • Conduct periodic inspections of your premises to ensure that exit routes and doors are not blocked, especially in the warehouse.

  • Conduct periodic inspections of your premises to ensure that exit and emergency lighting is operational.


The local Fire Prevention Bureaus are wonderful resources for preparing an Emergency Action Plan.  Customers whose premises are located in Edison may call 732-248-7441 for assistance, and Customers whose premises are located in Woodbridge may call 732-602-6050.

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