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Forklifts - Battery and Propane



Forklifts may be a normal part of your warehouse operations. Please note that although propane powered forklifts are permitted, we highly recommend going with battery powered equipment. Electric forklifts have a longer life and require less maintenance; propane – if not serviced properly or regularly – can affect the health and safety of occupants, can trigger carbon monoxide alarms and can lead to more extensive Return of Premises obligations at the end of your lease term.

Customers in Raritan Center® who use electric forklifts at their premises are required by code to have an area specifically designated for charging forklift batteries. 

Prior to installing a battery charging area, Customers must call their Customer Service Representative or our Customer Service Hotline at 732-225-3777 to begin the process of obtaining Federal Business Centers’ consent to the installation, as it is considered an “Alteration” pursuant to the terms of our lease.  Additionally, Customers must obtain a permit from the Township within which the premises are located (Edison or Woodbridge) prior to beginning any work. 

Battery charging areas must be properly ventilated, have an eye wash station, have a dedicated fire extinguisher (of the proper type and installed in the proper area), and the floor area must be protected with the appropriate spill containment devices.


Federal Business Centers’ Engineering Department can provide assistance with the ventilation calculation.

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