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Propane Gas Tank Storage



All propane gas tanks (and other tanks used for the storage of flammable or compressed gases) must be stored outside. The storage method must comply with all applicable laws to protect the safety of both people and property.  Compliance measures may include, without limitation: the installation of a lockable cage to protect the tanks from tampering, the installation of bollards to protect the tanks from vehicular damage, and restrictions on the tanks’ storage location with respect to minimum distances from doorways, windows, and other openings, buildings, combustible materials (including parked vehicles), property lines, and high traffic areas (whether pedestrian or vehicular).


Prior to installing any type of propane gas storage cage, Customers must call their Customer Service Representative or our Customer Service Hotline at 732-225-3777 to begin the process of obtaining Federal Business Centers’ consent to the installation, as it is considered an “Alteration” pursuant to the terms of our lease.   Furthermore, the Fire Department of the town within which your premises is located—Edison or Woodbridge—will review and approve the installation.  A permit may be required.


Please refer to our Recommended Businesses list for propane providers. 

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