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Site Cleanliness

We believe that you selected Raritan Center® as the home for your company, in part, due to the appearance and upkeep of the buildings and grounds. We need your help to keep it looking great!





It is the Customer’s responsibility to maintain its premises in a neat and clean condition, inside and outside.  Federal Business Centers’ leases require its Customers to:


  • Keep the premises free of trash, debris, insects, pests, and vermin.

  • Have dumpsters, compactors, and/or recycling containers that are dark green, dark blue, or black.

  • Place and maintain a cigarette urn at an exterior entrance to the premises.

  • Keep all trash within tied bags within a covered dumpster, compactor, or recycling container.

  • Keep the lid of its dumpster(s) closed at all times.

  • Pick up any trash that escapes from their dumpster, compactor, or recycling container.

  • Have lidded dumpsters, compactors, and/or recycling containers that are well maintained, free of any graffiti, and numbered to correspond with the street address of the premises.  (They should not block deliveries or parking spaces.)





Outdoor furniture (such as picnic tables, lawn chairs, park benches, etc.) is not permitted to be kept, placed, or stored in any exterior area on any of Federal Business Centers’ properties.




Customers must arrange for trash collection on an appropriate frequency to avoid any overflow of trash from dumpsters or other trash containers. Overflow of trash is indicative that either the pick-up schedule is too infrequent or the dumpster or other trash container is too small. Special arrangements should be made to anticipate a temporary increase in trash. Tarps over large dumpsters and locked cover mechanisms for small dumpsters are available to better contain trash.




Pallets cannot be stored outside. Indoor storage must not exceed six feet high for buildings with ceiling heights of less than 30 feet according to the National Fire Protection Agency’s Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems, 2013 edition.   Please call your waste hauler to make specialized arrangements for disposing unneeded pallets.




Middlesex County requires that all commercial businesses separate their mixed waste and recyclables into separate trash containers. Customers should contact their waste hauler to discuss their options.





In an effort to make cigarette disposal easy, convenient, and safe, Federal Business Centers provides a free cigarette urn to its Customers that have smokers in their workforce.  If you are in need of a cigarette urn, please call your Customer Service Representative or our Customer Service Hotline at 732-225-3777 to let us know.   They are easy for our Customers to clean at their convenience—just unlock and lift out the pail liner it to empty! 

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