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Storage - Interior and Exterior


Customers shall: (a) refrain from storing any items above any ceilings and (b) refrain from storing any items that block exit doors or that unreasonably hinder access to any utility equipment or fire sprinkler systems.  




Customers shall not keep, park, or store any items in any exterior area, including, without limitation, any of the following items:  (a) materials, (b) goods, (c) pallets, (d) storage drums, (e) equipment, (f) machinery, (g) inoperable vehicles or unregistered vehicles, (h) boats or recreational vehicles, (i) storage containers, (j) lawn or patio furniture, (k) picnic tables, (l) park benches, (m) basketball hoops, (n) volleyball nets, (o) grills, (p) mail boxes, or (q) trailers of any type when used as a means of storage.


With Federal Business Centers’ advance written consent, Customers may store propane tanks in the truck court serving their premises so long as the tanks are stored in an approved enclosure, with bollards for protection, per all applicable laws.  Please see “Propane Gas Tank Storage” for more information.

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