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Outdoor Events

Having an outdoor event is a wonderful way to spend time with co-workers!  To make it a great experience for everyone, including your neighbors:


  • Customers should call their Customer Service Representative or our Customer Service Hotline at 732-225-3777 to let Federal Business Centers know, in advance, when they plan to have an outdoor event.  We will turn off the irrigation sprinklers for the day of your event and notify your neighbors ahead of time.


  • Customers should contact the fire department of the town within which their premises is located to see if a permit is required for the outdoor party.  The Edison Fire Department can be reached at 732-248-7558.  The Woodbridge Fire Department can be reached at 732-738-3926.


  • If grills are used that burn solids (i.e., charcoal briquettes, wood, etc.), then Customers must properly dispose of the ashes after ensuring that they have completely been extinguished.  Leaving them on the ground is not acceptable.  


  • Tents, if used, may be placed in parking lot areas only and secured by the use of sand bags only (no stakes may be driven into the asphalt, concrete, or landscaped areas). 


  • Customers should make arrangements to have all trash removed and otherwise ensure that the outdoor area is in the same condition as it was before the event.

  • Frequently, customers express an interest in hiring ice cream vendors. Below, you will find the contact information for two vendors who have provided this service to our customers in the past:

Igloo Ice Cream

Mr. David Hirschel


Mr. Softee



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