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Vehicles / Parking

All vehicles should be parked within the spaces provided, all of which are clearly marked. 


Customers shall not: (a) park any vehicles relative to their business on the street, (b) park any freight trucks, tractors, or trailers relative to the their business in any passenger vehicle parking area, or (c) service or wash any vehicles at their premises.


Additionally, Customers should keep loading dock doors and ramps clear of vehicles that do not require their use so as to facilitate the easy flow of traffic, especially truck traffic. 


Oftentimes, parking spaces at each building are shared in common with other Customers.  With very few exceptions, Federal Business Centers does not provide or otherwise allow for reserved or designated parking spaces.  At all times, we ask our Customers be respectful of each other and park their vehicles in the spaces closest to the entrances of their own premises. 

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